Exsight Tandems provides tandem cycling opportunities for people with vision impairment, or who for any reason can’t ride solo.

The group was started in April 2008 and has grown rapidly to include a regular roster of able cyclists riding with a group that includes blind, low vision and people with other disabilities.

Exsight has numerous tandem bikes, ranging from flat bar recreation style Appollos to light and fast Cannondale road bike tandems. Our Armidale group is even setting up a racing tandem.

Rides are conducted several days per week – usually Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays but can be whenever people want to ride. Any number of bikes may go out – usually between two and five, but we could get a dozen or more if necessary!

Exsight became incorporated in 2010, and is now a charity. Exsight operates primarily in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, but we also have members and tandem bikes in Sydney and Armidale.

About Tandem Riding

A tandem bicyle has two positions:

  • The captain or pilot is on the front of the bike, and has control over gears, steering and brakes as well as providing half the pedal power; and
  • The stoker sits on the rear of the bike and provides the other half of the teams speed.

Tandems are easy to ride and most cyclists take very little time to adapt.

Riding as a stoker, or volunteering to be captain is fun and very rewarding, and just takes a few hours out of your day. You will make new friends and improve your fitness!

Get Involved

Exsight is always looking for new participants, both as captains and as stokers. If you’re keen to help out, want to get involved, or just want to give tandem cycling a try then
get in touch via our contact form or ring Geoff on 02 4272 5773 or 0416 612 675, or email info@exsighttandems.org.au.

No one is expected to commit to riding every week. You can ride as often or as seldom as you like.


Membership costs less than a cup of coffee – but it will usually cost you a cup of coffee and a gold coin each ride as well!

To join simply fill in the online application form.

If you don’t know someone already in the group, don’t worry. Someone will contact you, introduce you to Exsight and you can ask if they would nominate you to join.

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