Donation System Upgrade

Picture of Australian bank notesOur coding monkeys have been working on an update to our donations system to make it quicker and easier for you to support our work.

We’ve updated the interface to reduce the number of steps you need to do. We’ve added some more suggestions about how your donation can help, both for small, ongoing donations, and for one-off gifts too. You could donate as easily as filling in your name and email, selecting an amount and adding your payment info.

We’ve also updated our APIs to PayPal and Stripe to make sure you get the best experience when making your donation.

But the big change is a GROUP DONATION. If you’d like to support both Tandem Armidale and Exsight Tandems Illawarra, you can do it with one transaction. You can tell us how you’d like us to split your gift between our branches, and we’ll do the hard work of dividing the money up for you.

Don’t forget that even a tiny bit can help. As an example, you can make a donation of just $2 a fortnight, and that will add up to $52 a year. You’ll hardly miss $2 each pay, and you can help us out at the same time. And the more you give a fortnight, the larger your tax deduction next July.

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