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Thanks for considering a donation to Exsight Tandems.

Exsight Tandems is based in the Illawarra region of NSW. The greoup aims to help those who can’t ride a bike on their own get out and enjoy cycling (more about us). We are an incorporated association with charitable status. We run on volunteer efforts, so our expenses relate primarily to keeping our bikes running and insuring our members, which costs around $6000 per year.

You can donate quickly and simply by clicking the button below, filling in the form and hitting submit.

Donation Methods

At present we can take donations via:

  • Direct Deposit, which you set up in your internet banking; or
  • directly from your credit card; or
  • via PayPal using credit card or your bank account (depending what you have set up with PayPal).

You can do a one off donation, or you can do a recurring donation.

Recurring Donations

If you’re committing to donating to us regularly, then we want to be a flexible as possible. You can pick your amount, your start date and and end date or to continue indefinably. Set up your donation to come out of your account on payday and you’ll hardly notice it’s gone.

Share our Donate Button

If you’re keen you can add a Donate to Tandem Armidale button, just like the one above, to your website. Just insert the widget code:

<a href="#" onClick="launchDonate();"><img id="donateExsight" src=""></a>
<script src=""></script>

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