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Exsight Tandems exists to help those who are unable to ride a bicycle by themselves the opportunity to enjoy cycling on a tandem bicycle.

Our challenge is that tandem bicycles are expensive. The cost for a person with a visual or other impairment to participate in cycling, even at a basic recreational level, is significantly higher than for an able bodied person.

A decent recreational tandems start from around $1,200 and go over $5,000. As a comparison, a good standard racing bike can be had for $2000. A good racing tandem starts from around $9,000 and can extend beyond $25,000 depending on materials and components chosen.

Even simple components cost hundreds of dollars, as they have to be strong to deal with the forces generated by two pairs of legs, and very few of them are produced compared to the regular bike market. A simple bike chain has to be specifically made for a tandem. Because of the scale and availability there’s very little opportunity to secure sponsorship from manufacturers.

We’re seeking support from other clubs and groups who appreciate what we do, from businesses sponsorship and from individual donations.


We’re approaching businesses to help us out all the time. In return for your support we’ll feature your logo online and on our jerseys. If you’re a business owner who’s keen to support us, you can take a look at our sponsorship brochure and get in touch.


Exsight Tandems Illawarra Inc is an association incorporated in NSW. Exsight is a charity, and donations are tax deductible (in Australia).

We’ve tried to make it easy to donate to us with our donations web app, which will help you set up a Direct Deposit, or one off or regular payments from your Credit Card or via PayPal.

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